January 24, Faking it

in your mind’s eye
you do not care for these people
they are the epitome
of your inability
to let go

and later you will smile
and laugh
and drink the beer
like you always do
muttering under your breath
next time,
next time.

January 10, Like, Alot

I am very much aware
of how limited I am
as a person,
how your viewpoints
differ from mine

I try to watch
and learn from you
you make me appreciate
how little I actually know

it’s alot

(I like how I can use
the word alot
about an absence of something)

I complain, all the time
yet you never seem fazed
you walk with a quiet
determined dignity
and sleep in ways I
have yet to figure out

I sometimes watch you
when you sleep

don’t make this weird,

when I am brandishing
the armamaments
of boredom
and anxiety,
your smile disarms me

I study you

you are my unwitting teacher.