February 11, Ingress

there is a shortage of tears
or perhaps a surplus of kisses
after I met you

I shed my skin in
what used to be
the pretentious courtyard
of my loneliness

I realized
that I use the word ‘love’
far too seldom
so, to you, this one ingress
I carve it on my skin
for all to see

no embellishments
I love you.

February 7, Finders Keepers

you finally found it
tucked into your memories,
etched with chalk on shed skin –

your first ever poem

do not voice objections to this
let it come,
embrace it
find yourself there
if not, then atleast the person
you once thought you were
sitting in an orchard
claiming to be the king and/or queen of wheneverwhere

and beyond.

January 23, Boy Next Door

in two days time
you will be somebody else completely
you will shed your skin
like a snake
leave it in the undergrowth
of the woodlands near your home

you will have a hard time
in your new skin
does not even begin
to describe the time
that you will have
but still

you will dance
and find joy in little things
like bathing in the creek
or throwing acorns at that asshole
next door.