February 20, Forgetful

after the clock strikes twelve
it becomes impossible to distinguish
between a person and his or her visions
he or she will shamble without memory
the day after.


February 7, Finders Keepers

you finally found it
tucked into your memories,
etched with chalk on shed skin –

your first ever poem

do not voice objections to this
let it come,
embrace it
find yourself there
if not, then atleast the person
you once thought you were
sitting in an orchard
claiming to be the king and/or queen of wheneverwhere

and beyond.

January 16, Ode to my Neighbour

I reject your everyday life

I reject your right to a full night’s sleep

I hate your pounding noises on my roof

I belittle the value of your experience

I do not think that what you do means anything at all

your job is of no significance in the larger context

what you do does not have any positive effect on society

you are an everyday person

8-5 is another word for Hell

yes, my dog ​​barks. Deal with it

you live in the center of the inner parts
of Sweden’s third largest city

pull yourself together

move to the country if you want a full night’s sleep

you stupid bastard

I love my dog

more than I value your whole fucking existence

his individual strands of hair matter

more than your breath

so fuck off and die

you mean as much to me

as a grain of sand

to David Hasselhoff