March 9, A fine day

just a fine day
drink coffee at home
and then later
when the sun dares to show itself, I go to work

just a fine day
feed myself at lunch time
then later
more work, and I might finally get to go home

oh, it’s such a fine day.


March 3, Phone Call

nothing happened
yet it seems familiar
also different
out of nowhere, when you disappeared
we cut to the chase, we glowed, aftershocks
were felt for minutes, hours
we curled and browned, sepia

ticket booking
sense of purpose

without untoward willpower
make sure you drag us both down
with you
for everyone to share
stray dogs walk on the street outside my home

take a walk, drink a beer.

let’s see what happens.

January 12, L.A

we don’t have
Los Angeles
in Sweden
but we do have
a place called

they’re both
called L.A
so I guess
they’re kind of
the same thing

or atleast
that’s what
people tell me

they both have
women’s prisons
fast food joints
and dog parks

they are both
the center
of their world

they both rotate
various degrees
of home.