February 19, The Future

when I was young
I was all
“I’ll grow up to be this!”
“I’ll grow up to be that!”
the truth of the matter is
I’ll probably just
grow up to be
Marc Maron

but, you know,



February 6, Habits

in southern sweden we no longer
look into each other’s eyes
there’s no use feeding
what’s behind them
people say

all you’ll ever need
in these days of future past
comes honest
thick skin
lucid dreams

and on the worst of nights
maybe, just maybe
someone to hold you tight.

January 17, Super Poet

my super powers
are rare and unusual,
above and beyond
what is usually
the norm

they are
in no particular order,
the ability to hear what I think,
the ability to travel into the future
at a speed of one minute for every minute
that passes,

if I remove my clothing,
I turn naked

I have even started to somewhat understand