February 14, Dancing

a single lover
dancing alone
on a dance floor full of people
grace and dignity

like the pharaoh’s of old.


January 10, Like, Alot

I am very much aware
of how limited I am
as a person,
how your viewpoints
differ from mine

I try to watch
and learn from you
you make me appreciate
how little I actually know

it’s alot

(I like how I can use
the word alot
about an absence of something)

I complain, all the time
yet you never seem fazed
you walk with a quiet
determined dignity
and sleep in ways I
have yet to figure out

I sometimes watch you
when you sleep

don’t make this weird,

when I am brandishing
the armamaments
of boredom
and anxiety,
your smile disarms me

I study you

you are my unwitting teacher.